Full Circle – My Last Post

So here we are, full circle. Here’s a link to my first post, made back on June 1st, 2009. It’s the backside of the building in the photo above — The Gooderham Building, at Church St. and Front St. in the St. Lawrence Market area of Toronto. The photo above was taken during the Heritage Lights event last fall in downtown Toronto.

Although I’d owned my Panasonic LZ2 point & shoot since 2005, it wasn’t until last May, after being laid off, that I finally pulled it out of a drawer, dusted it off, recharged the batteries and tried my hand at photography. My first outing was down at Ashbridge’s Bay. I was really pleased with the shots and decided to launch this blog to showcase my photos. I had a previous blog for writing, so I knew a bit about blogging.

What I didn’t know at the time was just how into photography I was going to get. I’ve always had an obsessive/compulsive nature about me so it came as no surprise that I quickly became totally obsessed with my new hobby. Early on I never intended to get a DSLR. I just didn’t see the point. In time that all changed, as I learned more and more about aperture, shutter speed, ISO and so on. My little point & shoot looked more and more like a toy to me, since it simply wouldn’t do many of the things I was interested in doing.

In March I bought my first DSLR, the Canon T2i (550D). I have yet to take a single shot in any of the auto modes, which has helped me learn the functions and features necessary to get creative photos. Although I was concerned I wouldn’t take the camera out as much, due to its size and weight, I am happy to report that none of that is an issue, after all. I love my camera and love taking photos more than ever.

I’m moving my blog and this is my last post here. I hope you’ll move right along with me to the new blog. I also hope you’ll consider adding me to your blogroll if you haven’t already. I really enjoy hearing from y’all and I hope we can continue the conversation over there. I also invite you to subscribe to my new blog through the subscription function you’ll find at the top of the blog.

URL: www.LazyPhotographer.ca |  WordPress: http://lazyphotographr.wordpress.com

So there you have it. Thanks again for all your time and support. You’ve really made this a fun experience for me. See you on the other side, later today.

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7 Responses to Full Circle – My Last Post

  1. milkayphoto says:

    Well, Dave, YOU had great images right from the start! What a ride, huh? So glad I tagged along for a bit and if it’s okay, I am going to hang on with both hands to see where this journey takes you. GREAT JOB!!! 🙂

  2. shutterboo says:

    I made the move myself, Dave. Exciting stuff!
    I tried the new site but it’s still redirecting to your wordpress. Once I can upload successfully, the reader will be updated. Congrats!

  3. davecandoit says:

    Thanks Tracy and Brooke. The new site is ready but I’m holding off a bit before I make the final change. Probably early this evening. I’m using the same theme so the look will remain the same, although I do have a new header. That’s how you’ll know, keep an eye out for the new header.

  4. Marsha says:

    Hi, Dave. I came to this site through your sa blog. While I visit occasionally and plan to move with you to your new home, I also am interested in the sa blog if its still functional – it just says readers must be invited. If you’re still operating that blog, would you consider inviting me? Really appreciated your posts, thought you’d moved on.


    • davecandoit says:

      Thanks Marsha. Unfortunately, an ex-girlfriend found my SA blog and for that reason I changed the setting to private. Right now no one is permitted to view it. It’s been so long since I checked out that blog I’m not even sure how to invite people anymore. Thanks for popping by and I hope you will follow my new blog. If you have any questions about SA I’d be more than happy to answer them.

  5. Marsha says:

    Thanks for your post..that blog was very helpful to me. I have it in my blog reader so have the last 20 or so posts. I will def follow you to your new home and may take you up on your SA offer!


    • davecandoit says:

      I’m really pleased you got something from it. I actually quite enjoyed that blog, but I have to admit I’m more happy that I’m sorta passed that stage of my life (I hope). Maybe at some point I’ll reactivate it again for a while. And any time you’d like some feedback on anything SA related, just ask away.

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