She Hasn’t Gone Far

It’s really okay.Isolated Road
She hasn’t gone far
Only another town
a little north of this one

Not far at all, just
another place
to go. I think
it will be good for her

I’m doodling small circles, like
distant clouds
on the cover of my notebook
as these thoughts bubble to the surface

Been there myself once
Cold winters there, that
I remember well
even though I was only there
one late-autumn afternoon

It was long ago, before
I even knew she existed,

before where she went
ever mattered
to where I wanted to be

Not that
I’m admitting anything

It’s really okay. She hasn’t gone far

I’m writing that
on my notebook cover now,
instead of circles, distant clouds,
as if to convince someone
it’s really okay

She hasn’t gone far

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