Newton’s Law

They quarantined gravity today.Newton's Law
Wrestled it to the ground
isolating it
within a sealed vacuum.

Big government secret
the report said, and warned that
the law of gravity will be amended,
and a new tax is to be expected,
as if we’d expect anything less.

I’m sure it’s no lie,
I read it in the Enquirer
(expiring minds and all)
right under the Hitler Cloned
article. And you know they tell
only the truest
of truths.

And no,
it wasn’t my paper. Wouldn’t
catch one under my arm.
And I can say with all honesty
I’d have missed it completely
if it hadn’t floated by.

7 Responses to Newton’s Law

  1. y says:

    oh my, i love this, not only because it’s got good humor, but because of my inclination to inject mathematics and other nerdy stuff in my writing.

  2. davecandoit says:

    LOL… Just pulling your legs re. the Nerdy Poetry Weekly.

    Yeah Bukowski’s great. Haven’t read him in years.

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