Back There

They’s killin’ babies back there.ghosts
I can hear’em plain as day
but no one’s noticin’
and I guess I best don’t neither.

Then I’m next in the coffee shop line
last outta the rain, with no more
than a cuppa coffee
and a smoke on my mind.

Been walkin’ three days straight
those voices dead and damned
not far behind, not far at all.

They ain’t dyin’ for nuttin’
no matter what I’m aspose to believe.
And I ain’t the one’s killin’em either
not me, no way siree. Keepin’ m’nose clean
mindin’ my own like the doctors say to.

Just can’t get’em out, is all.
Get Out!” I’m tellin’em but they won’t
let me alone. Those poor kids screamin’
screamin’ like there’s no t’morrow.

And me, my mouth full of horrors
just itchin’ to be let out, set free.
One endless blood-curtlin’ cry
‘til my lungs collapse into themselves.

No easy answers, say the doctors
in their glass-tower offices
with their pressed suits and pressed hair.
It all takes time, they say. It all
takes time.

And I think, “But what about those kids
what about them?”

Then I wonder, “Maybe they know sumtin’
maybe there’s more!

Outside, a streetcar all red
and screechin’ iron passes.

I look up into each window, my hands
graspin’ the cold formica countertop

and in their reflections
I see a bloated, angry sky

2 Responses to Back There

  1. Oh wow to both photo and poem, lazy one, you ain’t so lazy at all.

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