The calm waters

Here’s the sort of shot I really have trouble with. There’s very little contrast and I’m not really sure how to deal with that. I actually like those soft photos, especially the ones shrouded in fog, but I have no idea how to post process them. This one I tried my best not to get carried away with. There’s a lot of empty space and I’m really not sure if it works. But I do like it. I suspect that in the hands of someone else it could be a better photo, though. Me, I like ’em contrasty and gritty and all street like.

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Blurry Streetcar

During my first photography class last week we went out and tried to pan moving vehicles to create a blur effect. This was one of my first tries. Although it totally didn’t work out the way it was supposed to, I still think the end result is way cool.

Haven’t made it to see the know-nuthin’ G20 protesters make fools of themselves yet, because of the rain, but it’s let up now so maybe I’ll head down. Or I might wait until tomorrow.

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Lonely Yoga

This photo is from one of my shoots for the magazine. Not sure if it’ll get used, but I like it. I’d asked to shoot the studio while it was empty, then asked this lovely young lady if she’d mind posing for me to give some perspective to the space. Hope you like it.

Looks like rain today. Damn. I really want to head down to the big G20 protest today to photograph those no-nuthin’ jackasses trying to make a point by throwing rocks at cops. I still might go. Wish me luck.

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Firehall under wraps

One of the best known buildings in the beaches here in Toronto is the old firehall near Woodbine Ave. and Queen St. Currently, it’s hidden behind scaffold gauze undergoing what looks like a major cleaning or restoration. You don’t often see it in this state. I’ve lived here all my life and can’t remember another time. Looking at this photo I now wish I’d waited for a fire engine to be pulling out of the station.

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Snip Snip…

Gotta tell ya, a week ago I would have been just too damn shy to waltz into a busy barber shop in the middle of the day and ask to snap a photo of everyone. I’ve been pining a photo of this neighbourhood barber shop for the past year but never had the courage to just go in and ask. But today that’s just what I did. I had a really successful morning of shooting people and storefronts for Local magazine and thought, what the hell. They all got a kick out of it and happily posed. I actually had to ask them not to pose so I could get one of the barber just working away. In the end, I like the posed shot best. And since this barber shop has been here for decades I thought it only fitting to do a black & white treatment.

I think after all these years I’ve finally figured out what I want to do with my life. This past week has been very hectic but one of the most enjoyable in years. I’ll post more photos from my various shoots in the coming days and weeks.

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Water Works in B & W

Here’s a b & w of the Waterworks in Toronto’s east beaches. I took this a couple of weeks back.

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Skywatch Friday at Woodbine Park

This photo is from a couple of weeks back. Happy Skywatch Friday!

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So last night was my first night school course in intermediate/advanced photography. It was fun. We did some classroom stuff and then shots some stuff on the street. We were practising creating a blur effect. Man, it’s not easy. Ideally, the cyclist in the above shot would be frozen and sharp, while everything around him would be streaked. I’m not smooth enough with the camera yet, but I’m going to practice shooting cyclists until I’m really good at it. 😉

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Dog Days of Summer

What a fabulous day, I tell ya! I had a photo shoot this morning out at ol’ Fort York, where I met up with a guy who has a garden plot inside the armouries property. It was hot as heck, though. Luckily I got da 15 SPF slathered all over my fair skin. I then popped by a jewellery store and got some shots of there. I’m meeting the owner on the weekend for photos of her, but I got some great shots of her Dad busy making jewellery in the back. I then shot a Yoga studio, two coffee shops, another Yoga studio and a tea room. Met lots of interesting people, including the lady above. Her husband (who used to be my electrical teacher in high school) owns a junk store on Queen St. E. near one of the yoga studios so I simply sat down with her and her three lady friends out front of the store for a chat in the shade. Never talked to any of them before in my life. At first they all stopped and looked at me like, what the heck do you want. I opened with, “Sure’s a hot one, eh?” Then I complimented the pooch and snapped his photo without even raising my camera. I just shot from the hip, so to speak, so as not to cause the dog to react to it. Within a couple of seconds they were all chatting with me like I was a long lost nephew. 🙂 Soon enough one of them went to get my old teacher and we had a good chat. He didn’t remember me, but I didn’t expect he would. In high school I was the kid who tried his hardest to blend in with the lockers unnoticed. 🙂

Now, this might not seem like anything to y’all, but keep in mind I’m so darn shy I really don’t speak to many people, let alone start conversations. But today I was on my game and really applied myself. I think part of it was everyone was so darn friendly and accommodating, because they knew I was there for a purpose. I’ve got two more shoots tomorrow and one Saturday, plus three I’ve yet to set up. And tonight I start my photography course at the Lens Factory on Queen St. E. Yay!

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Today’s humidex, 38 C

Well today’s supposed to be a scorcher. With the humidex it’s supposed to feel like 38 C, which equates to 100.4 F. Yikes! I can’t express how much I hate this weather. And I have a number of people to shoot today. Oh well. I’m sure the guy in the window above hates this weather even more than I do. 😉

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