G20 in Toronto

As you know I didn’t make it downtown yesterday because of the rain. The Black Block Anarchist managed to burn a couple of cop cars and smash a whole lot of windows and spray graffiti everywhere in an effort to prove just what a bunch of total assholes they really are. But most of the protesters weren’t down there to cause trouble. They just want to get their message out, whatever that may be. I headed down this morning but frankly there wasn’t much going on. I guess all the losers and troublemakers can’t be bothered to drag their asses out of bed before the crack of noon. Just as well. I spent the morning and half the afternoon walking the downtown core. Got searched once and asked for ID another time. In both instances the cops were very courteous and friendly. A couple of them even pointed out stuff they thought I might be interested in shooting. I engaged literally a couple of dozen cops throughout the day and had not even one single unpleasant experience.

Anyway, in this shot I came upon my first protester. He was strutting his stuff just outside the fence line looking for trouble, or crackers, he never did say which.

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