The ol’ bar and grill gone

When I was a teenager there was this old bar & grill / pool hall at Main St. & Gerrard St. that was so rough we all stayed away from it. It was filled with drunks and druggies looking for trouble. It’s been closed up for years now. Well, the other day I was walking by and noticed the side door open. I stuck my head in and the place was a mess, in the process of being gutted for a reno. There was a guy sweeping up and I asked him if I could snapped some photos and he said sure. I think they turned out pretty nice. Here’s the first of a few I got that I like.

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4 Responses to The ol’ bar and grill gone

  1. Tough exposure with the open door. Looking forward to seeing more from this old haunt.

    • davecandoit says:

      I seem to be attracted to tough exposures. That’s probably the one thing I’m having the most difficulty with, getting a good exposure. Either the foreground is too dark or the highlights are blown. I usually just leave the camera set to evaluative metering mode.

      • You may find HDR is your friend here. That will allow you to capture a bigger range of light which is impossible to do with a single exposure. Check our camera’s auto-bracketing capabilities.

  2. davecandoit says:

    I’d really like to pick up Photomatix but my computer’s just too slow. Down the road, though. My camera will auto bracket exposure so I could do something in Photoshop.

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