Door #1 or Door #2, which will it be?

Trust me, they look worse in person. 🙂 Not sure what’s behind them but I’d stick with the Hamilton Beach toaster oven if I were you. This photo comes to you from Commissioner St. down along Toronto’s waterfront. I’ve got a couple more of this building to show you at a later date. Happy Friday.

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6 Responses to Door #1 or Door #2, which will it be?

  1. milkayphoto says:

    See?? Now why you gotta be like that. In my mind, there’s a nice red Ferrari behind Door #2….question is, which is Door #1 and which is Door #2… 😉

  2. ewok1993 says:

    ooh i like playing this game – is there a car behind one of the doors, or a trip to the bahamas?

    happy weekend.

  3. very cool shot! all that sky is awesome (and the telephone lines are probably my favorite part). i choose door #1, for its touch of more color than #2.

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