My World Tuesday – Cash on the sidewalk

That would be Johnny Cash, of course. 😉 This photo comes from a while back during an outing with Mauro. We still had on our winter coats. This guy was strumming away as I photographed him from across the street. When he noticed me he stopped and smiled for the camera. Typically I don’t like shots with people posing, but this seemed to work. All the people busy with their daily routine, walking top and fro with hardly a glance, and him, standing their with a guitar posing for his picture. This would be My World Tuesday.

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7 Responses to My World Tuesday – Cash on the sidewalk

  1. That’s fun! I like sidewalk entertainers.

  2. Sean Kane says:

    How can you not like the “taurant” entertainer. Great moment.

  3. And he is nicely framed for and aft, too.

  4. davecandoit says:

    Thanks Guys, I’m very pleased with it.

  5. This turned out very well!

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