My first try at this – what do you think?

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So Saturday I was invited to my friend’s daughter’s birthday party – she turned three. I brought my camera just in case. After a drink I decided to pull it out of the car and try to catch some nice candid moments with the birthday girl and her younger sister (1-1/2 yrs old). I took a whole lot of photos, mind you, but that’s my style. Here are four of the birthday girl and two of her sister that I think came out pretty nice, especially considering this is my first try at this type of photography. Anyway, I’m open to honest feedback and criticism.  I really like this type of work and I’d love to get a lot better at it. All shots were taken using natural light.

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9 Responses to My first try at this – what do you think?

  1. milkayphoto says:

    Outstanding! You didn’t go for the typical, cheesy, big fake smile shots. You went after emotion and for me, that works every time.

    • davecandoit says:

      Those big cheesy smile shots I consider snapshot photography. They have a place, I guess. What surprised me is that my penchant for moody, dramatic photography seems to lend well to portraits. I really wasn’t sure it would. I think most people want to see photos of their kids with big shit eating grins. I did get a few of those, which I’ll post at a later date. Looks like I’ll be taking more child photos in the near future for a co-worker of a friend of mine. And another person I’ve known since I was a kid phoned last night and invited me to photograph her kids. And a friend of the mother of the kids in the photos above expressed interest in me shooting her kids too. It’ll be good practice for me. Next time I’ll bring a flash.

  2. lynnwiles says:

    Very nice portraits Dave.

  3. y says:

    what awesome shots!! i love the one on the swing and laying down. soo beautiful!

  4. You did very well for your first try! 🙂 Very nice!

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