Best moment since I started taking photos

If you’ve been following along, you know it’s been a year since I started in photography. Over that time I’ve had some interesting experiences, met some nice people and even made a new friend. Today, however, I had perhaps the best photographic experience since I started.

I was invited to little Tia’s birthday party today. She turned 3 years old. She’s the sweetie in the photo above, taken last weekend for her Mommy and Daddy at the ballet recital. Well, for a gift I thought it would be nice to have the above photo printed and framed. As you can imagine, Tia, being 3 yrs old, really didn’t get it, but her Mom got all choked up when she saw it and was just overwhelmingly pleased with it. Since her and I go back nearly 20 years now, I got a bit choked up too, just happy for her happiness. Anyway, it sure made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

As for the big birthday party, it went very well. I took a ton of photos and I feel strongly I got some really nice captures, which I’ll be sharing along the way. Hope you like the one above.

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9 Responses to Best moment since I started taking photos

  1. aswirly says:

    Awww that is really touching! And the picture, with her sweet and pensive expression is so endearing 🙂

  2. milkayphoto says:

    First off, I totally forgot it has only been a year since you started taking photos. Right from the getgo, you’ve shown a natural talent and have posted some pretty amazing stuff! I’ve watch you graduate to a ‘big boy’ camera and you didn’t disappoint! 🙂

    VERY cute photo and not a tyical portrait. You’ve managed to capture 3-yr old angst and nervousness at having to perform. And even tho the tot doesn’t realize how great this image is, someday she will and will treasure it always. You have a really big heart, Dave! 😀

  3. Mauro Metallo says:


  4. Sean Kane says:

    This is a very sweet shot. She looks like she’s deep in thought. Wonderful.

  5. Jan Smith says:

    I love the expression on her face. Great capture of a wonderful moment in her life.

  6. davecandoit says:

    Thanks Sean and Jan. 🙂

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