Gettin’ your freak on!

This is one of my first photos from today. I’d just parked downtown (Queen West) and was walking along when I saw these three guys bumming for change. When I read their sign I couldn’t help but stop and ask if I could take their photo. I was going to tell them to ignore me and just let me shoot them naturally, but the one guy jumped up and said, wait while I get my freak on. We all started laughing and the shot was irresistible. It works in black & white, too, but in the end I decided to leave it coloured. It was a great way to start an outing, let me tell you. I laughed for the next block.

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6 Responses to Gettin’ your freak on!

  1. milkayphoto says:

    OMG – hilarious! What a fun bunch of guys and who could resist that sign? Fantastic capture Dave! (I do hope you contributed to their fund??)

  2. yes and the freak indeed was turned on. for a minute. nice shot of some colorful characters

  3. Jan Smith says:

    How funny! I love the pink iPod he’s holding. 🙂

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