Not “The Goof” again!

Yep, afraid so. This is another photo from my evening out on Queen St. E. a couple of weeks back. In the old days, the “D” in “Good” was burned out, along with the “ood” in “Food,” leaving “Goo-F.” And it’s been called that for as long as I can remember. Like back when the Dead Sea was just sick. 🙂 The real name is The Garden Gate Restaurant.

I’ve been outside washing my siding and porch and front windows all day. What a frikkin’ chore. My porch needs work, to boot. I’m sooo not looking forward to that. Oh well. Once it’s all done I’ll take a photo and post it. The front of my house is actually pretty nice when the steps aren’t rotted off and there’s a garden planted.

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2 Responses to Not “The Goof” again!

  1. Artswebshow says:

    lol. back when the dead sea was just sick.
    What a funny one liner.
    I like the perspective in this shot.
    So interesting

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