Pit Bull Posing

On our way back to the car yesterday Mauro and I came upon this lady walking her dog. He was sooo friendly and sociable I had to take his photograph. I got a few shots, of which this I like best.  It was beginning to get dark out, hence the darkness of the shot. Not sure if it’s too dark, though. I tried to lighten it a bit but had to be careful not to blow out the white on his head. Anyway, hope you like it.

It’s a lovely day here in Toronto, compared to yesterday. I’m heading down to the beach to see if I can photograph those kite boarders who surf on the water by way of a kite. I’m going to shoot in Tv (shutter priority) for a change so I can freeze the action, if there is any. I also plan to shoot in continuous shooting mode to try to get a good, sharp shot. Wish me luck.

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2 Responses to Pit Bull Posing

  1. milkayphoto says:

    I like it! The perspective, the touch of yellow, all great!

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