Jumping on a pier

So I went down to the beach today to try shooting while paying far more attention to the shutter speed, basically because I keep ruining shots by having the people walking or cycling through them showing up as too blurred. I also wanted to try the auto servo feature and continuous shooting. I ended up filling the 8 gig memory card with over 1,000 photos. Most aren’t usable, of course, but that’s okay, I was doing it to learn something. I did get some good shots, at least in my mind they’re good. In this one a girl is jumping on a pier while someone is taking photos of her. She was there awhile and I got a bunch of shots of her myself. You can hardly see her here, but I still like the shot. I’ll post one or two more at a later date.

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2 Responses to Jumping on a pier

  1. Sean Kane says:

    I like this shot too. The backdrop is great to the beach scene. You certainly do have lots of tall smokestack towers around don’t you?

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