Queen Mother Cafe

This is the bar at Queen Mother Cafe on Queen St. W. in Toronto. Mauro and I have lunched there twice during out various photography outings. I must say, the food and service is spectacular! On our second visit we had to wait at the bar for a table, where I decided to shoot a couple of photos.

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7 Responses to Queen Mother Cafe

  1. Looks like a neat cafe. I also like the new look of your blog. Great header too 🙂

  2. Mauro Metallo says:

    Nice shot, Dave: The waitress really makes it… And nice place as well.
    Gotta go back…

  3. davecandoit says:

    Thank you Consuelo and Mauro. Yes, Mauro, we’ll definitely have to find our way back there soon.

  4. lynnwiles says:

    Looks like a wonderful place, also a great Lazy photo.

  5. aswirly says:

    Is it too early for a long Island?

    • davecandoit says:

      I”m three hours ahead of you, I think, so it’s not too early here. Hell, it ain’t never too early for a looong island. 🙂

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