Canada Life

As in the insurance company, not life in Canada. This photo was taken on University Ave. facing north from Queen St. W. in downtown Toronto. University Ave. is a major corridor for downtown/uptown traffic flow and also has a number of hospitals on it. I was born at one of them on University, as a matter of fact. So, in keeping with Mayor Miller’s war on cars and hellbent desire to create more traffic congestion and smog, he’s replacing one lane in each direction on University with bicycle lanes. Currently there are already bike lanes just a block over that hardly get used, but to leave University Ave alone would be counter productive to Mayor Miller’s legacy project. You see, I am now 100% convinced he wants to go down in history as the person with the biggest carbon footprint in Canada. Every street where he forces bike lanes on us creates many hundreds of hours of vehicle idling time annually (in some cases daily) due to added congestion, which in turns creates more smog. Frankly, he and his left-wing cohorts at city hall should all be arrested and imprisoned for crimes against the environment.

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    • davecandoit says:

      Thanks Tracy and thanks for popping by my blog. I checked yours out, looks great. I like that new theme. I also see you’re a big time traveller. Boy I’d love to be able to explore the world.

  1. Jan Smith says:

    I love the crispness of this black and white. The composition is great too.

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