Big Building in Black & White

This is a fabulous modern building. I’ll be posting at least two more shots of it in the near future. This one seemed to want to be a black & white. It’s located on the east side of University Ave. just north of Dundas St. Mauro and I stopped there to visit a Leica store, where Mauro found out that they want a small fortune for a 24mm F2 prime lens, like $4,200. On our way back down to Dundas I snapped this shot. I really need to remember to check the shutter speed when shooting people, so as to freeze them in the shot. Ideally, I would have thrown the camera into shutter priority and set the shutter at 1/125th of a second or faster before taking the photo. It would have given me a larger aperture, for sure, but I could probably have still kept the depth of field wide enough so everything was in pretty good focus. The aperture was set at F16 with a shutter of 1/30th of a second. If I’d opened up the aperture to F5.6 (4 stops wider) I could have shot this at 1/120th of a second (4 stops x 30 = 120) — maybe better if I’d adjusted my exposure compensation. The shutter would have opened and closed so quick that the guy would have seemed frozen in the photo.

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