Long day for Royal York doorman

This photo was taken a couple of weeks back during an outing with Mauro. It’s on Front St. near University Ave., out front of the Royal York Hotel. After taking the shot I stopped to chat with the doorman and showed him the photo. He was quite fine with it and a pleasant guy to speak to. Coincidentally, the lady in red in the distance pushing the stroller with the young boy, also in red, was at a park near the hotel where I got a few photos of them together. I took her email address but I don’t think I got the right one since the email with the attached photos bounced back. Oh well. One of my upcoming personal challenges is to start asking people on the street if I can take their photo. I’ll even email them a copy. I’m also hoping to employ my long lens for this work. I was even thinking of making up Lazy Photographer business cards to hand out to people I take photos of.

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4 Responses to Long day for Royal York doorman

  1. That’s a challenge I need to take up. I even carry minicards from moo.com to give out. Having something like that is a good idea. I have given mine out to people. Helps to break the ice, too. I just need to do it more often.

  2. Hi Dave. Enjoyed browsing your images to catch up. Like your idea of cards of Lazy Photographer. I made some that include urls for my art for people. It’s an easy & quick way of sharing information. So I guess I’m saying I support your idea. Perhaps you could print a small image of one of your favorite photos in order to further generate their interest. Just a thought.

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