Bears in my Cupboard!!!

Yep, that’s right, John Lennon had blisters on his fingers and I’ve got bears in my cupboard! 🙂 I actually spied this potential photo a week or so back but only today did I have the right morning light to get what I wanted. It’s just a fun photo but I think it came out nice.

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10 Responses to Bears in my Cupboard!!!

  1. aswirly says:

    Mmmmm… delicious bears..

  2. john says:

    Well we have both bears and ants! 🙂

  3. That’s what I noticed first, the nice light on the bears tummy. Now, I need to find me some honey to lick.

  4. y says:

    adorable! and cupboard space!! (sigh) (smile)

  5. davecandoit says:

    What’s funny is that compared to my friends I don’t have that big a kitchen.

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