Toronto Hunt Club

EXIF – Ap | 17mm |  F16 | 1/125 s | ISO 200 | -1.33 eV

Like I was saying in my post two down from this, I went out to walk the ‘hood last evening. My first stop was a prestigious golf course at the bottom of my street, called the Toronto Hunt Club. It’s been around for over 100 years. It used to be 18 holes but is now only 9 holes. The bottom of the course overlooks Lake Ontario by way of the Scarborough Bluffs. I remember in the late-’80s Canada hosted a G8 (or G7) conference here and my girlfriend of the day and I watched from the end of our street the various leaders arrive by limo. I saw Maggy Thatcher (I think), Ronny Reagan, and others I don’t remember, along with our own PM of the day, Brian Mulroney (who single handedly decimated the entire conservative party by way of wasteful spending paid by over taxation). Overhead was a helicopter flying above the arriving dignitaries with a secret service guy hanging out of it sporting a big-ass rifle. There were secret service men/women all throughout the crowds on the street. Man was it something to see.

So back to the photo. I snapped off a dozen or more shots, of which most came out over-exposed again. I then made some minor changes to the camera settings and fired off a few more. On the LCD display they actually looked slightly under-exposed but turned out alright. I think the secret to success here is to snap off a sample shot or two and then review them in-camera with the histogram activated. The histogram has a blinking dots thingy that shows you all the areas that are over-exposed. From there I can dial back the EV or lock the metering to another spot and try again until I get what I want. Of course such arduous thinking is somewhat incongruent to my inherent laziness, but I’ll manage. In time I won’t really need to do this, once I’m used to the setting for each lighting situation.

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2 Responses to Toronto Hunt Club

  1. What part of this scene did you use for your exposure? The sky would have been a good start. Are you using the Exposure Compensation button to make your adjustments? Also, you can brighten and lighten your LCD. Maybe it’s not bright enough for when you do get your best exposures.

    This is a tricky scene and time of day. I would have used a 2-stop split Neutral Density filter to balance out the large contrast between the dark ground and bright sky.

    • davecandoit says:

      I had it set to evaluative metering. I don’t think I locked the exposure to any particular spot. I read about that filter in Understanding Exposure but haven’t bought one yet. I agree, it is a tricky lighting situation.

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