Car and pet wash at night

EXIF – Aperture priority / 44mm / F5.6 / 1/25 s / ISO 400 / -2.67 EV

So here’s my first successful (I think) attempt at night photography with my new Canon T2i. This is a local self-serve car wash near my house. Co-incidentally, this used to be a gas station called Jack’s Sunoco a long time ago and it was home to my very first job (not including summer work with my Dad, a contractor). I’ve been meaning to photograph this place for some time now. I’ve got a couple of other shots I’ll post down the road. Hope you like it.

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9 Responses to Car and pet wash at night

  1. Sweet as Type II diabetes, really nice Dave!!

  2. milkayphoto says:

    Great colors in this one Dave!


  3. davecandoit says:

    LOL, thanks Bob and Lynn. On close inspection there is indeed some noise in the shot, but with a tripod and lower ISO I’m sure it would have come out better. Also, my in-camera noise reduction is set at low. I should have set it higher for low light shooting.

  4. y says:

    ah…i love the colors. and i love the large room you gave the sky (smile). thank you.

  5. I like the colors…beautiful. I noticed the ISO at 400. I think you can go higher with the T2i and still get acceptable noise levels. dSLR sensors are much bigger than the P&S you are used too.

    • davecandoit says:

      Thanks Scott. I agree. I should have taken a shot at 800 and 1600 in order to stop down the lens to like F8 for more depth of field. The shutter speed was fast enough. I had the IS on too, which adds a couple of stops.

  6. lynnwiles says:

    Fabulous foto Dave. I like your night gas station ones in general, but his one takes the cake (so to speak)

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