And Even Our Shadows

And Even Our Shadows

Another night waiting
for something to become
something else, with only
the voice of shadows
for company

You come by, late
to my room, where I use
your name
and love
in the same sentence

And for you I become
someone… more, whole
while tracing my future
on your naked back

The moon adds blue
to the black outside
The shadows turn warm
and soft, your smooth skin

And everything unravels
succumbing to passion
with laughter and truth
we share ourselves gently
taking and giving
touching and loving

We play our game
in the dark of my room
where the midnight stars
suggest in your eyes
where the changing seasons
whisper our names
and even our shadows
dance on the walls

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8 Responses to And Even Our Shadows

  1. uncoveringyou says:

    oh dave…swooon…what a lovely write!!!

  2. Photos and poems –wonderful combination, davey. Hope you indulge at will—like Yi-Ching. thanks for the lovely word-art….

  3. milkayphoto says:

    This is really a lovely poem (somehow I thought I had commented on it??) You can feel the tenderness and emotion. You must have been in a very good place (emotionally) when you wrote it.

    Sooo, looks like you’re NOT as cynical about l-o-v-e as you pretend to be? It’s out there, Dave, and whatever woman (or women) messed you up should be shot! I can’t even imagine going through this life alone. Guess I’m one of the lucky ones?

    • davecandoit says:

      Thank you, Tracy. Naw, I only like to play cynical. As much as I’d like to meet a special lady, I have to say that I find a certain sense of freedom not needing anyone in my life. Plus, I actually already have a special lady, in a sense. When my ex-girlfriend and I broke up we remained friends and she’s still my best friend. It’s funny how that worked out. But now I’m falling for a lovely young lady named Canon. 🙂

  4. davecandoit says:

    47 WB: Yeah, Yi-Ching’s work is totally publishable. She’s an inspiration.

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