Gooderham Building, Church & Front

EXIF – Aperture priority / 17mm / F8 / 1/160 s / ISO 100 / 0.00 EV

So I finally got out with Mauro for a proper photo outing with the new camera. Obviously, since it’s still very new to me many shots did not turn out that great — mostly due to over exposure. I keep forgetting to set the exposure compensation to -1 or -2 to compensate for my lens. But I still got a ton of shots that I’m very pleased with. Even some of the over exposed ones are salvageable. The above shot is over exposed, but still came out okay. I’m including my EXIF data in case any seasoned photographers care to review it and comment on it (if you think I should have changed something, please do let me know).

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4 Responses to Gooderham Building, Church & Front

  1. y says:

    oh, you are too sweet! (still sheepish smile)

  2. davecandoit says:

    LOL… See, you’re learning. This time you didn’t try to guess who Bob might be. 🙂

    Actually, Bob is another contributor here who has a blog called Fundamental Jelly. He’s the guy with the scary clown head for an avatar. You can check out his blog here:

    Like me, he just bought a new camera, but a Nikon D90 instead of the Canon. I came very close to buying a D90 myself. Great rig.

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