Shot Moon with Canon

EXIF: Aperture Priority / 50mm / F3.2 / 1/3 shutter / ISO 3200 / -0.67 EV / Hand held

I spent the evening at my buddy’s place interviewing a contractor for his big reno project. Got home and noticed a big ol’ moon crawling up from the horizon and making the trees behind my house all moody. Now, a professional photographer would have dragged out his or her tripod, but this lazy photographer decided to try a hand held night shot with my new Canon T2i. I know, nuts, right? But I knew I wasn’t going to get anything worth keeping anyway, so what the heck, live on the edge. Considering it was hand held, I think it came out not bad. It’s certainly not in sharp focus and I know I used too wide an aperture, but what can you do. I did some sharpening and noise reduction, I should mention. Hope you like it.

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