Mini Coopers shot with Canon

So here are my first real photos with my new Canon T2i. Mauro phoned me around noon and invited me out for a short photography outing with his nephew Robert, a budding photographer. The outing was short lived, unfortunately, due to a rain delay.  Plus, I had to be back by 3:00 PM for a meeting with a friend who’s undertaking a major renovation of his new house. I’m helping him out a bit with the planning stage. Anyway, I took a mere 136 shots, which usually is just a warm up for me. Most really didn’t come out that good for one reason or another. I’m still learning the camera. But that’s okay, I really wasn’t expecting much. On our way home we passed these two Mini Coopers and had to stop for a shot, even though it was raining. This was on Greenwood Ave. just south of Danforth Ave. near my old high school, Danforth Tech in Toronto’s east end. Note the license plate on the white Mini. I’ve dialled up the contrast, sharpened them and applied a noise reduction, but no lens distortion correction. I’m very pleased with the results, for my first outing. Hope you like them too. The wide angle shot was created by way of a crop to get this look. The final file size was 10 megs. I reduced it to under a meg for the web. Please let me know what you think. Did I over sharpen the first shot?

Shot #1 – Aperture priority / F7.1 / 1/125th of a second / 17mm / ISO 100

Shot #2 – Aperture priority /F7.1 / 1/80th of a second / 23mm / ISO 100

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4 Responses to Mini Coopers shot with Canon

  1. Cool, its a start. The B&W reminds me of a still of an Italian movie.

  2. lynnwiles says:

    I agree with Bob. Great DoF in the lower photo.

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