Damn, there goes my kite!

This photo comes from a very trendy area in Toronto called Yorkville. It’s sort of like 5th Ave. in NY or Rodeo Dr. in Beverly Hills or Brompton Rd. in London. Very expensive place to shop, but if you’re in TO and want to see some actors, well, this is where they tend to hang out. The photo was taken a couple of weeks back during an outing with Mauro.

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5 Responses to Damn, there goes my kite!

  1. milkayphoto says:

    I like the photo but not the title. Usually you are so very clever, but this time? Not so much. 🙂 How about “Two Fingers” or “Almost the Bird” ?

    • davecandoit says:

      LOL… I knew this photo had lots of potential for a funny title but just wasn’t up to it today. I’ll change it to something more, um, fitting. 🙂

      If anyone cares to take a stab at a title, please do. Maybe I’ll change it again if enough people comment with suggestions.

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