Walking in Circles

During an outing a couple of weeks back I saw this young couple walking a maze located behind the Eaton Centre. I thought they made a nice subject and stopped to take their photo. And here it is… 🙂 No T2i photos yet. Probably won’t see any until next week now.

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4 Responses to Walking in Circles

  1. Interesting photo, how are you making out with your new camera. I remember when I got my D300, there was so many things that I had to look at and learn about. I had to determine what settings I liked best because everything had to be set to the way I liked it.

    • davecandoit says:

      You pretty much hit the nail on the head. Lots to learn. I really won’t have time to devote to it until Tuesday, unfortunately. But from then on it will be full on learning mode for me. I’ve got a book on the camera on order, which should be here some time this week. In the meantime I’ll focus on the manual. I hear that D300 you’ve got (and Tracy, too) is one sweet ride indeed. My new camera is only entry level, but it’s a great one to begin with.

  2. I really like my D300 but you prove that it isn’t about the camera. Your photos are awesome and you capture scenes really well. Yeah, when I first got my D300, I purchased another book that was an easier read. I found the instruction booklet that came with was over the top. What also helped me was looking at things on line too. I would just google things I had questions about and I also took a D300 class on line. Once I got use to everything, there was no turning back and I really liked all the creative controls it gave me. Looking forward to seeing your photos with you new pics. Happy learning:)

    • davecandoit says:

      That’s so nice of you to say, Consuelo, thanks. I’m really looking forward to having more creative control over my shots. I really want to play around with shallow depth of field, which my little p & s could never do well.

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