My New Yacht

So a funny thing happened on my way to the camera store… I was all set to buy a new camera when some guy asks if I’d be interested in buying his yacht instead. Sounded like a good deal and next thing you know I got me a new rig. Here’s my first photo of it…. and that’s when I awake from my dream in a cold sweat. 🙂 This photo comes from Toronto’s harbour front a week back during my outing with Mauro. I’m planning to go get my camera today, although I am very exhausted and lacking in energy. I have not slept properly since last Friday night. I feel terrible at the moment. I really need a good night’s sleep.

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5 Responses to My New Yacht

  1. Pop on over to the Oswego (NY) harbor sometime and take me for a cruise will ya. Always wanted to see how the other half lives. Oh, well, maybe I’ll dream it, too. 🙂 Bet it’s easy sleeping on a boat like that one.

  2. nadia says:

    So which yacht, I mean camera are you going to buy?

    • davecandoit says:

      After much agonizing (and the word agonizing doesn’t even do it justice) I’ve decided to get the 18 megapixel Canon T2i. I’d happily forgo pixels for image quality and dynamic range, but Canon’s focus seems to be more on numbers. I had considered the Nikon D90, which is an outstanding rig, but the Canon is much smaller and lighter and does better video. The one benefit of all those pixels is when it comes to cropping the photo.

      As for the lens, I’m going with the Tameron 17-50mm F2.8, which is image stabilized. It’s probably the best piece of glass in its price range. If I could afford it I’d go with the Canon 17-55mm F2.8, which is definitely superior. My next lens will likely be a Canon 10-22mm wide angle. I also want a 55-250mm zoom and eventually a couple of fast primes.

      I’m also getting the battery grip, since I shoot far more portrait oriented shots than landscape. And a tripod and bag. Still not sure which tripod, but something light for carrying around.

      Bet you’re sorry you asked. 🙂

  3. nadia says:

    Not at all! I appreciate the details 🙂

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