Toronto Wave Deck

Down at Toronto’s harbour front we have a section of boardwalk called a “wave deck.” The purpose is to, um, well, show off new and creative ways to waste taxpayer dollars during a recession. I think most everyone understands the principle of belt tightening during tough economic times, but here in Toronto we’ve seen taxes raised more since Mayor Miller came into power than during any other period in Toronto’s history. That happens when you elect a socialist government with a leader who cares more about creating a legacy for himself at any cost than for the people forced to pay for that legacy during the toughest times our country has seen in three decades. All that’s missing in this photo if the obligatory homeless guy that’s become synonymous with the plight of life in Toronto. We are a city in a race to become the most overtaxed place to live in North America. Every time anyone complains about the unnecessary tax burden, every socialist politician at city hall squawks about how such and such a city screws over their citizens even worse than we do here. In their twisted, myopic viewpoint we are actually losing the race. What they don’t see is that it’s a race down the toilet. Okay, rant off. 🙂

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