Fort York Chair

In Toronto, just like many cities on the water, we have an old historic fort that still stands on guard–well, sort of. It dates back to the late 17th century and was originally on the waterfront. The waterfront has been moved about a kilometre south since then.  On Sunday the place was wide open to the public. The strange part is there didn’t seem to be anyone around guarding it. It was virtually empty. Mauro and I walked around shooting all the historical buildings and such. We both got some nice shot. If you ever visit Toronto, Fort York is a great place for the kids to learn a bit of Canadian history. This photo was from inside one of the old barracks. Hope you like it.

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10 Responses to Fort York Chair

  1. milkayphoto says:

    Of COURSE I LOVE this one! Awesome shot, Dave. The quirky angle and comp is spot-on. With all the geometrics, the thoguht would have been to shot it straight on, keeping all the verticals and horizontals straight. But that would have been BORING! This is soooo much more interesting. The tones are nice and simple too. Great shot! 🙂

    • davecandoit says:

      Thanks Tracy. My only criticism would be that I might have moved the chair to the other side of the window and faced it into the frame of the shot. In this un-staged photo the chair is facing out of the scene, which I’m not sure works as well. Don’t get me wrong, I still like it. I was really attracted to the reflection on the hardwood.

      • milkayphoto says:

        I actually like the tension the chair on the right provide. You feel like it may slide out of the photo! Like it is on a ship or something. But that’s just me. 🙂

  2. davecandoit says:

    That’s actually a really astute observation, Tracy. I wish I could take credit for composing the shot with this in mind. 🙂

    • You should take credit. Whether you consciously thought about it or not. You saw something and photographed it. Your mind knew this was a nice composition or why would have taken it?

      BTW, I posted a new assignment today on my blog which should be right up your alley. 😉

      • davecandoit says:

        Thanks Scott. I checked out your assignment, sounds good. I’m sure I’ll be able to come up with something. Also, that’s a fabulous shot of that bridge. I see you used a Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 lens to catch it. That’s on my wish list. How do you like it? Do you think it’s a good investment or should I be looking at a Sigma or Canon?

  3. Dave, the Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 is a great value on a DX camera body. It’s as good as any Nikon lens I have owned or used. Solid workmanship and excellent optics. A Nikon or Canon lens in the same range is twice as much. At f/2.8, it has come in handy when faced with low light circumstances.

    The Sigma 10-20mm has had quality issues from what I have read. Those getting a “good copy” do like it a lot though.

    • davecandoit says:

      Thanks Scott, good to know. I’m going to go with a 17-50mm F/2.8 Tameron for my first lens and then save for that Tokina wide-angle. I’ll also need a telephoto at some point.

  4. lynnwiles says:

    I have that chair in my basement! Nice light, nice shot. How did they move the waterfront?

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