Ominous Highway Overhead

Well I just got in from my second long day out and about taking photos. This time it was with my friend Mauro. We hiked around downtown again, stopping for a nice lunch of course, and I think we got some nice shots. I’m about to upload them now so I won’t know how they came out for a while. As you know, my camera is now officially toast, but like they say, when all you’ve got is toast you make lemonade, right? I’ll post my first photo from today a bit later, but for now here’s s another photo from yesterday’s outing. As you can see, the smudge issue is not present in all the photos. This one was taken down where the Gardiner Expressway meets the Don Valley Parkway. Hope you like it.

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7 Responses to Ominous Highway Overhead

  1. kseverny says:

    you have some great soothing locations

  2. lynnwiles says:

    This is great and very brave of you to stand under, considering the state of infrastructure these days.

    • davecandoit says:

      Thanks. Your comment is especially true here in Toronto, where our Mayor has waged a war the car. His plan of action seems to be to let our roads fall apart until they are no longer drive-able.

  3. I like the blown highlighted sky, it sets off the bridge.

  4. davecandoit says:

    Thanks Bob.
    Lynn: Yeah, I remember that. In Minneapolis, right? What a tragedy. Reminded me of the Point Pleasant, West Virginia bridge collapse over the Ohio River back in December 1967. It’s part of the fascinating folklore around the Mothman Prophecies. That’s a fantastic book, by the way.

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