The Scarborough Bluffs!

Okay, here’s a more serious photo from today’s outing. I really like this photo because the dad and his boys on the beach give some perspective to the size of the bluffs. This was taken in the late afternoon, as the sun was setting. Sure doesn’t look like a winter photo, does it. Hope you like it.

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8 Responses to The Scarborough Bluffs!

  1. Hi Dave,

    Really like this photo. Scarborough bluffs looks like a beautiful place.

  2. lesliepaints says:

    Scarborough like “Scarborough fair rosemary and thyme”? Love this photo, Dave. It looks like a prehistoric creature slumbering.

  3. Nice, you don’t get a sense of scale until you continue to scroll down. I like.

  4. davecandoit says:

    Thanks everyone. Yes, the bluffs are a really nice feature in the east end of Toronto. Leslie: No, the Scarborough you’re thinking of is in England, although I’m sure my Scarborough was named after that Scarborough.

  5. milkayphoto says:

    Fantastic image. Might have liked a litte more sky, but overall, a really great capture with the figures. Would not have been as strong without them! Very good use of scale here.

  6. aswirly says:

    That bluff is huge! Love the scale you’ve captured here. Impressive.

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