A Building with Nine Stories to Tell

This skinny looking building on Church St. at King St. seems pretty run down and, frankly, a bit scuzzy. My camera, however, seems to like run down and scuzzy, so snap away I did. The colour photo was nice but I think the black and white version really tells the story better. Hope you like it.

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6 Responses to A Building with Nine Stories to Tell

  1. milkayphoto says:

    The black & white is awesome and so is the image name! LOVE it!

  2. LOL–run down and scuzzy–oh my. While in Chicago had to take a detour from the ‘expressway’ which was going NOWHERE and drove down Halstead Ave–where there is much that can qualify as run down and scuzzy or Urban Blight. My daughter and I agreed that there was tons of dramatic photographic raw material in abundance. We also agreed that it might be better to explore same early in the day when folks might be in a better frame of mind to tolerate camera clicking.
    Blight is often ‘better’ than bright and shinny squeaky clean.

  3. aswirly says:

    What a crazy looking scuzzy ol’ building…homes just stacked on top of each other…hmmm. Love it in black and white!

  4. y says:

    this is such a cool building and perspective. another documentary-style photo. great job.

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