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Here’s another photo from The Brickworks. On another note (Olympic hockey related) , I can’t believe Canada let the U.S. tie it up with only 24 seconds left in the third. Now we’re into overtime. That can’t be good. Oh well. Go Canada Go. And on another note still, I went out today for a walkabout downtown. Got some photos, of course, but I have to say I didn’t really come across anything that inspiring. I did stop into a camera store and checked out the new Canon T2i. I have to say, it really fit nicely into my hand. Even the weight was right. But a very knowledgeable guy in the store wasn’t convinced that 18 megapixels was such a good idea on the APS-C sensor. He figured I’d get a sharper image and better low light capabilities with the Nikon D90, at 12 megapixels. They’re pretty much the same price. But the D90 doesn’t feel as nice and is heavier. I don’t know, I’m still undecided. Oh well, some more.

Update: Yay for Canada, gold medal winners in mens and womens hockey both!!! To my friends south of the border, your mens hockey team really play and incredible game, nice job.

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11 Responses to Latest Camera Gear!

  1. kseverny says:

    i like the aged feel this image has.
    gives it character

  2. milkayphoto says:

    Congrats on Canada’s win! We just finished watching the game and were actually torn between who to root for. Nice shot. You just can’t go wrong with a big ol’ piece of rusty machinery. 🙂 Surprised it wasn’t crawling with spiders…

    • davecandoit says:

      Thanks, Tracy. I guess the spider migrated south for the winter or something.
      You should have seen downtown Toronto when I was walking back to my car between 4:00 PM & 5:00 PM. It was as if the city had been evacuated and no one told me. Very few cars, very few people. Even the drive home was filled with empty roads. The only real signs of life was visible when I walked by the pubs, which were packed with hockey fans all glues to the TV.

  3. davecandoit says:

    Oh you can bet the streets will be filled with very happy drunks. Let’s just hope they are responsible drunks. 😉

  4. Gold medal kudos…I am thinking D90!!

    • davecandoit says:

      Thanks. Yeah, I’m back to thinking D90, although you never know. It’ll be interesting to see some of the reviews on the T2i. I just wish they’d release the replacement for the D90. I hear it’ll have a 14 megapixel sensor designed by Nikon but built by Sony. And Panasonic’s rumoured to be releasing a G2 in the next week or two to replace last year’s G1. That’s a nice camera too. Very small.

  5. wildstorm says:

    I like the angle this was taken from.

  6. lynnwiles says:

    Wonderful photo Dave.

  7. davecandoit says:

    Thanks Lynn and Wildstorm.

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