Ancient Hook

This photo comes from the Distillery District, taken a couple of weeks back. The hook once held a pair of wooden shutters closed over a window. It could be over 100 years old, I’m not sure. I’ve sharpened it up a bit and dialled up the contrast and saturation. Hope you like it. I’m on my way downtown for another photo outing. Not really sure where I’m going yet. Wish me luck.

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5 Responses to Ancient Hook

  1. milkayphoto says:

    I like the colors in this. I think it might be a stronger composition with a slight crop (eliminte some of the dead space to along the top and right edge). Just a thought. 🙂

  2. lynnwiles says:

    I like the way the mortar, hook and screw line up like brickwork. Nice photo.

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