Junction Box in Sepia

Here’s another photo from The Brickworks. This junction box has definitely seen better days. I thought a sepia tone effect and some vignetting would be nice. Hope you like it.

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10 Responses to Junction Box in Sepia

  1. Mauro Metallo says:

    Almost a macro. Like the tones…

  2. kseverny says:

    this is a cool effect

  3. davecandoit says:

    Thanks Guys. I actually might have slipped my camera into macro mode for this one, I can’t remember.

  4. lynnwiles says:

    This one is too cool for words.

  5. aswirly says:

    What the heck is going on with this box? I thought it was branches at first, but I guess it’s frayed wires huh. It’s crazy looking. And does it say UTAH? Below? hmmm

  6. uncoveringyou says:

    see now Dave..I would never have thought to even take a picture of such a thing…great eye you’ve got! 🙂

  7. davecandoit says:

    Thank you all! As for the tagging, I don’t think it’s the name of the State, but an acronym or something of that sort.

  8. milkayphoto says:

    This is crazy wiring! I think it says “UT oH” as in a drescription of the mess above…

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