The cupboard are bare

You might not notice but with this photo I laid off the contrast and instead applied a bit of a blur effect to the edges, in order to soften the photo. I also did a version in my usual high contrast gritty look so I could compare the two, but in the end felt this photo better reflected the mood of the shot. I wanted that look you see in movies with scenes inside old people’s living rooms where the late afternoon sun struggles to cut through thick drapes and you can see the dust particles floating through the air and everything seems so quiet and disconnected from the real world. Actually, I once had my fortune told o me in just such a room. Man, it was surreal. And her predictions actually came true! At least a couple of the big ones. Very impressive. But I digress. Happy Sunday!

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4 Responses to The cupboard are bare

  1. lynnwiles says:

    I love the muted tones & colors & angles in this one.

  2. I like your treatments of these mysterious places. Would make a nice theme for a gallery show.

    • davecandoit says:

      Thanks Scott. I’ve actually been considering a limited edition photography book. The problem is, my p & s camera just can’t produce stunning photos like you get from a good DSLR.

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