Flaming Lights

This sign marked the entry to a fancy steakhouse inside the BCE Place. Not sure why I liked it, but here it is anyway. Enjoy. Me, I like mine medium rare.

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10 Responses to Flaming Lights

  1. copingkoala says:

    Not sure why you liked it?

    Because it looks great! Really beautiful abstract fire-picture 🙂

  2. Go to WordPress.com and click on the Art tag!

  3. uncoveringyou says:

    looks like alien tongues….hehe…and i’m a well done girl personally…if its still moo-ing..i am NOT eating it!

  4. lynnwiles says:

    I thought they were eels! I prefer pizza.

  5. davecandoit says:

    Giddy up on the pizza!!! 🙂
    I no longer order in pizza. I buy that Dr. Otker Restorante frozen think crust pizza. Boy is it good. But here’s a little trick to dial it up that extra notch.
    1. You grate fresh Parmesan cheese over the pizza,
    2. Brush olive oil around the outside edge of the crust,
    3. Drizzle a bit of olive oil over the pizza.
    4. Sprinkle a bit of red pepper flakes over it and black pepper
    Trust me, you’ll never order in pizza again.
    The best part is the major grocery chains have amazing sales on this brand about once a month, so you wait and buy four or five on sale. Here in Toronto you can get them for $3.99. Tasty treats, let me tell ya.

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