Product Photography – Working with a lightbox

Well, I did it! I built me a lightbox today. The first photo is of the box itself. There’s no camera on the tripod because I’m holding it. As you can see, it a pretty basic design. A cardboard box lined with white bristol board. I still have to add the racing stripes, a rear view mirror and a bicycle horn. I have to make one minor change but need to find a 4 foot length of bristol board to facilitate it. Basically, the back and bottom of the lightbox is lined with very thin paper (not by choice) that I thought would work, but it’s not “white” enough and not “solid” enough as a colour. Sorry, hard to explain. Presently, I think the backdrop looks a bit “dirty” but it can be fixed easily.

The two photos are just a couple of items I had within reach. To my eye they are not as sharp as I’d like, but that’s about the best I can hope for with my camera. Notice how you can’t tell where the bottom turns up to become the back? And the “white” colour and brightness is almost the same between photos. Now we’re cooking with gas. 🙂

I forgot to mention, I also added a window to the top of the light box so I could shoot down into an object. I photographed my and some guitar picks watch this way. I need to adjust the location of the lights when I shoot like this, as you can see the light falls off just slightly to the right side of the watch photo.

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8 Responses to Product Photography – Working with a lightbox

  1. kseverny says:

    wow, its great for lighting

  2. uncoveringyou says:

    well look at YOU go!!! hmmm…i sense a weekend project coming on….

    • davecandoit says:

      See what happens when you take my training wheels off!!! 🙂
      I actually built it for work. I have to photograph lapel pins and guitar picks next week. I tried it another way with no success. I think this will work fine.
      But I’ve also been thinking of what else I might be able to shoot in my fancy new lightbox, you know, for strictly creative purposes. Could be fun to shoot household items and such. I’m still contemplating the possibilities.

  3. uncoveringyou says:

    jellybeans!!! buttons!!!! toys!!! matches!!! oh the possibilities are endless….

    • davecandoit says:

      That’s the trouble with having too much time on your hands. 🙂
      I’m going to try something when I get a chance later. The Matrix Moose! Look for it at a theatre near you. 🙂 I won’t have time to post it until late today or tomorrow.

  4. aswirly says:

    Hooray on the lightbox. Gotta love it!

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