Industrial Sky

I’ve posted a couple other photos of this same building, but this one’s my favourite. Why did I post it before, you might be wondering. Well, for right or wrong I tend to space out my favourite photos so I don’t post my top pics all up front and then find myself with a bunch of b-list shots. Of course, some would argue that one should post only the best shots and dump the rest, and to that I have no answer.

On another sad note, apparently the inventor of SpaghettiOs died Sunday in his Delran N.J. home at 83 years old. He was marketing research director of Campbell’s Franco-American line in the early 1960s when his group started dreaming up pasta in shapes that would appeal to kids. He went on to help create the Campbell’s Chunky Soup brand. His last words were, “Uh Oh…”

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  1. newmarksblog says:

    It doesn’t look so bad.

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