Scarborough Bluffs #2

Here’s another photo from the Scarborough Bluffs, taken in December before the snow and cold arrived. If you look real hard you can see Russia! Oops, sorry, that’s Sarah Palin’s Alaska.

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4 Responses to Scarborough Bluffs #2

  1. milkayphoto says:

    The lighting in this one is really, really nice. One thing to think about – there is that short line of ‘something’ at the center bottom that ‘breaks’ the nice tones of gold and the flow down to the water. My eye keeps going there and then halts. Just wondering if it would be better if removed? Not a criticism, just a thought as I know you didn’t put it there!! 🙂

  2. newmarksblog says:

    you should try to make more colours alive, try with using an HDR thing.

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