Downtown Black & White

I know I’ve posted photos like this in the past, but it’s my blog and I’ll post ’em if I wanna. So there. 🙂

Actually, I keep posting these types of shots because there’s something about this look that I love. And the guy crossing the street really adds to the effect, I think. Plus, since this whole photo outing today would not have happened if Mauro hadn’t been kind enough to invite me, I thought it would be appropos to post a nice black & white in his honour, since he’s the “never in colour” guy. 🙂 Hope y’all like it.

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7 Responses to Downtown Black & White

  1. Mauro Metallo says:

    I do!… And the guy crossing the street is sure a nice touch!

  2. chloe says:

    i have no words to how incredible this photo is
    i feel like i’m right there, seeing this in real life, sucking in the moment .. wow

  3. davecandoit says:

    Thanks Mauro and Chloe.

  4. lynnwiles says:

    You do have a knack for B&W noir type photos and this is another fine example. Even though there are skyscrapers in the background, it has an old time feel maybe circa Mad Men?

  5. milkayphoto says:

    Great shot! I agree that the gent crossing the street makes the photo – gives it life and tension and makes one ask “Hmmm, I wonder where he is going?”

    • davecandoit says:

      Thanks. Yeah, for me the man really represents a moment in time. If you consider how many decades most of spend on this planet between birth and death; here I’ve caught one moment of that time, with no idea where this stranger was coming from or going to. That half second shutter snap represents the momentary intersection of his and my life. Funny how stuff like that works, eh?

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