Winter winds by the beach

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  1. I like the colors in this one. did you alter them? they look sharp and vivid, striking grays. thats a wintery cold beach

  2. Hey dave & otto! I never thought of Toronto having BEACHES…ha–who knew? Dave, checked out your other photos too. Love the tree and the dark rocks/pier shots best so far.
    What’s Toronto got to offer besides your photos? hm?

    • davecandoit says:

      Thanks 47WB. Yeah, Toronto’s had beaches ever since I was a kid, even before that, I’m told. 🙂

      Toronto’s got lots to offer:
      A socialist municipal government that’s taxing us Torontonians into bankruptcy while wasting our money left, right and centre.
      The CN Tower!
      The Maple Leafs! (but who cares)
      A war on cars that’s crippling transportation
      Great restaurants and nightlife
      The Canadian National Exhibition
      The Royal Ontario Museum (great museum, lousy architectural add-on)
      The Art Gallery of Ontario (great art gallery, great architectural add-on)
      The Distillery District
      Queen Street West
      The Annex
      The Danforth
      The Beaches
      The Eaton Centre
      The Toronto Islands

      There’s lots to see and do in this city, if you can afford it.

      • LOL. There’s always IF you can afford it.
        But that comment, well dave, it reminded me of all the FREE things to enjoy in Washington DC. Lot’s of free exhibits at the Smithsonian and the other museums on the Mall and off. And there’s cheap hostel within walking distance……ohhh the National Archives holdings…oooo Dave, you’ve got me thinking….and Teaism…mayhap…..and Haad Thai and..Whistler..oh my..

      • oh your list is so great.

  3. davecandoit says:

    Hi 47WB,
    I’d love to explore Washington with a DSLR, and New York and Boston, too. There’s so much to see and photograph in those great cities. Maybe I can stay in a guest room at the Obamas?

    • Guest room at the Obama’s–LOL. Oh Dave! Ha. Well I can recommend a very affordable Hostel on about the corner of 11th and K street. It’s busy as all get out and needs a feacelift–but where eles in DC can you stay for like thirty dolloars a night? google Hostels International for DC area and it ought to come up. Parts of DC are a photographer’s dream now that there’s more than the urban blight of twenty years ago–yes, it was a wasteland then…

      • davecandoit says:

        Thanks 47WB. I personally don’t like to put myself in hostel environments. 🙂 Only 5-stars gets me out of the house anymore. And there better be a big buffet. 🙂

  4. lynnwiles says:

    Beautiful, reminds me of times spent on Lake Superior’s North Shore – very oceany. Good luck with the Obama guest room.

    • davecandoit says:

      Thanks, Lynn. You being a US citizen and all, would you happen to have his phone number? I should probably call ahead rather than just pop by with a suitcase unannounced, no?

      My new fav’ word: Oceany. 🙂

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