Scarborough Bluffs

Which of these two photos works best, #1 or #2?



The one neat feature about Rosetta Maclean Park is that the south end of it overlooks Lake Ontario. The bluffs drop off about 200 feet or so, I’m guessing. Makes for a pretty scenic spot. People hold weddings here all summer long. Anyway, here’s a photo that shows the chain link fence line that keeps folks from walking off the top of the bluffs. The cloud cover is much of the reason I popped out this morning to take these photos. It’s overcast now, so I’m glad I got out.

Anyway, both of these photos are virtually the same, just a slightly different composition. I like them both but can’t decide which works best. What do you think? In a day or so I’ll remove the one that gets the least votes.

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8 Responses to Scarborough Bluffs

  1. Mauro Metallo says:

    #2 for me, Dave.
    The chainlink fence guides the eye in a better way, therefore the composition is richer and more articulate.
    I did work not long ago for the Scarborough Bluffs Conservation Committee: A series of photos of the whole coastline from Pickering to Centre Island and I included a couple of images of the Rosetta Gardens as well. There is a gallery down Kingston Rd., just outside the Gardens, and I had the exhibit right there, but I believe I told you so; If I did, now you know that I have the bad habit of repeting myself…
    Anyway, your images bring up memories (aren’t all photos supposed to do so?…) and I like them very much.

    • davecandoit says:

      Thanks, Mauro. I knew about your work for the Scarborough Bluffs Conservation Committee but was unaware you took photos at Rosetta Maclean Park, too. That’s right around the corner from my house.

  2. I vote for number two because I like the increased view of the textures of the ‘path’. Both make me want to wander the pathway. hi.

  3. lynnwiles says:

    #2 is my pick. I like seeing more of the lake and the view down the path.

  4. Gary Patton says:

    Neither works for me given what your article is entitled as featuring, The Scarborough Bluffs. You’re featuring clouds in the sky. More of the Bluffs and the lake would be “on point.

    Nevertheless, both are nice picks.

    @GaryFPatton in TO

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