The Dept. of White Pipes

Wakey wakey eggs and bacey, another Sunday morning is upon us. This photo is from my Scarborough industrial outing a couple of weeks back. To be honest, I thought of Lynn when I snapped this one, since it’s reminiscent of her style of fine photography. If I’d had a DSLR with me this photo wouldn’t exist, because I had to slip my lens through one of the tiny diamond openings in a chain link fence to catch it. Hope you like it.

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6 Responses to The Dept. of White Pipes

  1. Green tea brewing as I am your pipes a viewing.
    Morning to you, you chain link fence peeper. LOL. Since the pipes take up the entire frame I am experiencing an interesting visual response–or it could be just me. Oddly enough it’s the descending view to the wintering plants that adds something delicate that ‘makes’ the shot–again for me.’s something like seeing a cat (the pipes) lying in wait behind some high grasses (the plant stalks). It’s so different from your previous post–and I LIKE it.
    Now I take it that Lynn just might be somewhere on your blogroll..need to pay a visit thereabouts.
    About that way please, some….

  2. lynnwiles says:

    Thank you Dave. Yes, I like pipes

    Thanks White Buffalo for visiting my site.

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