Confessions Of A Gallery Hater (Part 2)

I just read this post by Mauro Metallo, who authors the Never in Colour blog. You’ve got to check it out. It’s hilarious and not only applies to photography but to any art form that is critiqued. And the photo’s great! Another home run, Mauro.

Confessions Of A Gallery Hater (Part 2)

Owen Edwards, an astute critic, once wrote: “The better a photographer is, the more miserable and neurotic he or she seems to become”. Well, if Edwards is right, you can train yourself to become a miserable, neurotic human being first, and then you will be known as a great photographer, no matter how stupid your pictures are. As for me, I have been attending psychological analysis for the past year in order to discover who I am. It worked. I am now able to reveal for the first time in public that, in actuality, I am Madonna. Now, finally, I feel wonderfully liberated. Through proper professional therapy, I have discovered a delicious secret: I can now say and do whatever I like because I do not have to take personal responsibility for anything. Click here to read the rest of Mauro’s post.

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  1. Mauro Metallo says:

    I can’t thank you enough for the attention you always pay to my work, Dave. It is truly appreciated. The same goes for anyone else investing their time reading my ramblings and looking at my photos, through your blog or directly on mine…
    Thanks again, everybody!

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