Big Green Door

As much as I do enjoy photography, I think I get just as excited by the editing process, i.e. post processing my photos. I often only play around with contrast and curves, but I very much enjoy playing with colour, not so much to make radical changes but to create a sort of “quality” to the photo that transcends what comes out of the camera. Simply put, I want something that looks unique and artsy, but not overly post-processed, as in the previous photo. With this photo I played around with the colours more than you can imagine. It probably doesn’t even look all that “post-processed,” but that’s the point. The original photo looks just like any other, but through post processing I was able to take an average photo and put my name on it. Of course I still have a long way to go and tons to learn, but in the meantime I’m having fun trying to find that “look” I so like. Hope you like this one.

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2 Responses to Big Green Door

  1. Ah–what pulls me into this shot are the windows and what is either a reflection of what is opposite the buildling or a view into the interior. And that GREEN.

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