The most popular photography hacks of 2009

For all your photographers who like to play around with your photos during post processing or like to build do-it-yourself solutions to get creative photography effects without buying expensive gear, here’s a list of the most popular photography hacks for 2009, brought to you by

The most popular photography hacks of 2009

Whether making your own lens hood to create custom bokeh, breathing like a sniper to get a blur-free photo, or angling your body to look the best in pictures, we shared some great photography hacks this year.

Software and Photoshop tricks are great, but they’re a poor substitution for doing things in-camera. Over the last year we shared a variety of hacks for taking better photos, looking better in photos, and ways to get professional results without spending your rent money on camera accessories. (click to read more)

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  1. Mauro Metallo says:

    …And how about encouraging awereness and partecipation, so to broaden our attention to all facts of Life? That sounds as a good way to improve our seeing…
    Oh, wait… I guess that the use of an old pack of smokes as a flash diffuser is more important!

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