Black & White Wednesday – Big Lake Ship

Here’s my last photo for Black & White Wednesday, hope you like it. I took it down at Cherry St. south of the draw bridge. It’s a nice colour shot, but I also like it in black & white.

So to everyone kind enough to stop by, and those generous enough to leave lovely comments, I thank you for taking time to check out my Black & White Wednesday Show. It was lots of fun getting away from colour for a change. I’m not sure if I’m going to make every Wednesday a black & white day; more realistically it will be a day to post a black & white photo or two, but not commit to every photo in b & w. So thanks again and see you tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Black & White Wednesday – Big Lake Ship

  1. wildstorm says:

    Excellent contrasts here. I like the ripple effect in the water too. I think I’ll keep Wednesdays as wordless Wednesdays, but make a day for black and white photo. I do like them so!

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